Black Owned Gift Guide For The Holidays

Black Owned Christmas Gift Guide Hanukkah Kwanzaa

The holiday season this year will look very different. The way we celebrate will likely be in smaller gatherings, which means we may send out more gifts this year to those we cannot meet. This black owned gift guide is designed to help you with this.

Gift Ideas For Christmas

Black Santa "Mask-On" Greeting Card



For Christmas, you can send a Black Santa Greeting Card to your friends and family. Its timely touch has Black Santa wearing a mask too! We also offer a direct mail option to all of our greeting cards.




You can also use our Melanin Santa Label Pin to customize cards or other gifts with. 
black santa pin

For our Christmas gift special, you can use our Black Santa Wrapping Paper to wrap your gifts with.

Black owned gift guide: Santa Wrapping Paper


Gift Ideas For Kwaanza

A key holiday season for the black community is Kwanzaa! An opportunity to reflect and celebrate black culture.

black owned gify guide Gigi Wrapping Paper

Our Gigi Wrapping Paper is decorated with African inspired tribal prints.

black owned gift guide Joyous Kwanzaa Greeting Card

We all could do with some joy, this year in particular. This is why we also have a Joyous Kwanzaa Greeting Card for you to send to family and friends this season.

To A Phenomenal Woman pin on Greeting Card

Part of celebrating Kwaanza includes commending the women who play a role in black culture. Why not gift a black sister with a To A Phenomenal Woman card this Kwanzaa, to show them they're appreciated.

black owned gift guide: My Hair, My Crown Greeting Card

Finally, from our Kwanzaa gifts range, the My Hair, My Crown greeting card champions the beauty of black hair. Perfect for ladies of all ages.

Gift Ideas For Hanukkah

Would you like some gifts cards Hanukkah? Let us know in the comments! We hope this black owned guide has inspired you to gift your loved ones this season in particular.

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