How To Wear Enamel Pins & Patches?

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Do you absolutely adore enamel pins and iron-on patches but don't know how you can wear them that's the most stylish and eyecatching? If yes, keep reading! The good news is, after being out of style for a few years, they're making a comeback! You can spot people everywhere sporting gorgeous enamel pins and flashy embroidered patches! We've put together a fantastic list of All the Different Ways to Wear & Style Enamel Pins & Patches. Enjoy!

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are the epitome of cool. They're also a fantastic canvas for enamel pins but especially for patches. Iron them on the front, the back, the sleeves, wherever, and turn your denim jacket into a piece of unique art!
how to wear enamel pins on a denim jacket

Face Masks

Face masks aren't much of a fashion statement, it's true. You can spice yours up, though, with a couple of well-placed enamel pins! Support your favourite charity, show your pride, and let people know who's behind that mask!

how to wear an enamel pin on a face mask


Hats are a wonderful place for enamel pins and embroidered patches! The right patch can make a plain hat truly stand out! Want to let everyone know what you stand for? Put an enamel pin or patch on the front of any style of hat! Bam, instant fashion statement!

how to wear enamel pin and patches on hat


Using enamel pins as jewelry is an excellent way to display them! You can attach them to a chain or, a bracelet. It's easy and a fun way to display your fave enamel pins!

how to make bracelet with enamel pin

Cork Boards

Enamel pins and embroidered patches are extremely collectible, no doubt! If you're a collector, displaying your treasures on a corkboard is a great way to go! You can then hang it on the wall and enjoy your collection all the time! 

Purses, Bags, Backpacks or Fanny Packs

Turn your fanny pack, purse, backpack, or handbag into something extra special with enamel pins. You could literally cover them and make something that's eyecatching and unique. Or put one or two on the straps to make a more subtle (or bold) statement.

how to wear enamel pins on purse bags fanny pack

Pen and Pencil Cases

Pen and pencil cases are perfect for patches and pins, especially if you're into crafting. They set you apart from the crowd, and let you express yourself without saying a word.

how to wear an iron on patch on a pencil case


If you're like me, you have one enamel pin that's truly special to you. For that one, your jacket or suit collar is the best place so that you can enjoy it all day at work or on the go.

how to wear an enamel pin on a collar

Jeans, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Other Clothes

The best thing about iron-on patches and enamel pins is that you can put them anywhere! Your jeans, a fave sweatshirt or sweater, your winter jacket, you name it! You can even put them on your boots to make a sweet style statement!

how to wear enamel pin on sweatshirt t shirt winter jacket

When it comes to the different ways to wear and style enamel pins and patches, the sky is truly the limit! Use the suggestions above or create your own, there's no wrong way to do it! The only thing to remember is this; do what makes you feel good and show them off with pride!

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