Black is beautiful pin

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The Black is Beautiful movement started in the United States in the 1960s.

Black is Beautiful got its roots from the Négritude movement of the 1930s. Négritude argued for the importance of a Pan-African racial identity among people of African descent worldwide. It aims to dispel the racist notion that black people’s natural features such as skin color, facial features and hair are inherently ugly.

The movement also encouraged men and women to stop trying to eliminate African-identified traits by straightening their hair and attempting to lighten or bleach their skin.

This movement began in an effort to counteract the racist notion in American culture that features typical of Blacks were less attractive or desirable than those of Whites.

Research indicates that the idea of blackness being ugly is highly damaging to the psyche of African Americans, manifesting itself as internalized racism. (wikipedia)


Comes in black and glittery black.

25 mm

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