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My Filibo is a destination gifts boutique that celebrates our Caribbean and African roots. We design wearable art, goods and stationery with Afrocentric designs so black women can stay connected to their heritage through meaningful pieces. If you’re looking for a quality fashion, lifestyle website accepting guest posts, you’re at the right place! 

As a passionate, talented contributor, you’ll inspire women to celebrate their heritage on a platform that shares their stories.



Read carefully the following guest post guidelines before submitting your post. If you have any questions, feel free to email us with the subject line “Guest blogger - questions”. 

Be familiar with the brand and our mission before submitting. 



The majority of our audience identifies as women of the Caribbean and African diaspora. They are interested in learning more about their roots. Our audience is based in North America (United States, Canada), Europe (France & UK) and other countries around the world. They are first-generation immigrants or may not have grown up in the Caribbean/Africa. They have varying levels of knowledge, understanding, and familiarity with where they come from and their heritage.



Here are some topic ideas we are looking for, so please make sure your article is relevant to the following topic categories:

  • Inspirations from the islands/Africa: family stories, your own memories, born on an island/Africa and living elsewhere.
  • Celebrate and discover our heritage through cultural events, recipes, traditions.
  • Caribbean/African Women’s Fashion: outfit ideas, clothing, jewelry, hats, handbags, accessories, etc
  • Caribbean/African beauty and personal care: makeup tips, hairstyles, haircare, recipes, skincare, body care, fragrance
  • Lifestyle: family, dating, love, gift ideas, etc from an African/Caribbean lens
  • Travel and cultural discovery - know your Caribbean, know your Africa

If you have any other ideas outside these topics, feel free to pitch! 

Irrelevant articles will not be published.



You MUST be the author of the article and it must have never been published anywhere else before. This includes personal blogs and social media. No duplicate. We wouldn’t publish your article if a duplicate article was found on the Internet (we use Google and plagiarism checkers). We appreciate others' work, and so should you.

You may link to your website and one blog post. The outbound links should be related to our website’s theme. No affiliate links.

We love well-researched and informative articles that answer the most commonly asked questions. Engaging content with a focus on providing value and knowledge to our readers. We recommend submitting content of about 800-2,000 words for decent depth and detail. The tone/voice should be friendly, conversational. We may tweak your blog post headline to optimize for social media and search engines. We may add additional inbound links/links to your guest post.



Give the source of any statistics, images, and quotes used in the content. If you provide an image to go with your blog post, it should provide the image source/URL, be high resolution (300 or more pixels - format JPG or PNG format). Make sure you submit royalty-free photos that we are able to share and modify for marketing/commercial purposes. 



  • Your author bio should be 50-75 words
  • Include your preferred professional title to be displayed with your name or pen name
  • Include a clear, high-resolution headshot of yourself or an image to use



We are paying featured writers for their original content on our website. The rate for our blogs is to be discussed in advance. Our rates are determined by the nature, length and complexity of the blog. Please note that we do not offer payment for brand collaborations or non-commissioned promotional articles. Where noted, there is a flat honorarium for published work. If your post is accepted, we’ll confirm compensation and the terms of publication. Payment is sent once your submission is 100% complete and scheduled for publication. 



If we choose not to publish your blog post, you’ll get a response explaining the reason. If your submission is accepted, you will hear from us within 2-3 weeks. Although unlikely, if it takes longer, feel free to send one follow-up email after the expiry time. 

If we publish your post, please share the post across your social media accounts the day it goes live. 

You grant My Filibo full right to the content, including, but not limited to edit, mix, duplicate, use or re-use it in whole or in part. You grant the right to excerpt portions of accepted work online in order to promote you, your work, and My Filibo. We reserve the right to post your work in perpetuity. All other rights remain the property of the author.

Files should be saved and uploaded as YourName_ArticleName_WordCount.



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Now that you’ve FULLY READ and understood the terms and guidelines, submit your post HERE.